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BALTAI is based on a holistical view both on a human and fashion itself and their relationship together. It’s a story about urbanistic environment meeting ancient Baltic past. It’s a unisex fashion collection suitable both for female and male audience. The collection designed for a foggy and cold city landscape is at most suitable to dive you in a feeling of comfort and cosiness. Its minimalistic and clean shapes are tastefully fullfilled with more complex models-transformers: reversible dresses and coats, trouser skirt, scarfs-belts, hoods easily turning into bags, multifunctional leather or knitted belts with pockets. Multifunctionality, speed of transformation as well as an non-accurate edges and use of outer threads is a metpahorical city’s freedom and fast rhitm reflection. Easy to wear, easy to combine. Not only the shape, but the fabrics as well reveal the collections concept. Mainly only natural materials such as linen, Lithuanian wool and knitted fabric are used. Some elements of nonnatural materials used are strictly functional: for water proof or wind resistance.
The project searches for the origins of the longing for nature and the Balts’ ethnic identity in the 21st century urban space. The project asks the question: who is he, the contemporary Balt, who uses the newest technology to find authenticity in the midst of communicational chaos? The collection presents newly interpreted ancient Baltic symbols: the winged grass-snake, the goddess Laima’s footsteps, the moon symbol, the grass-snake symbol.


BALTAI autumn/winter 2016/2017


Baltic Fashion Award 2012


BALTS 2011