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An ode to courage 2008

Idea and inspirations
One needs quite a bit of courage to live in Lithuania – this thought was inspired by the state institutions’ decision to brand Lithuania as a “Brave country”. In the collection, this idea is expressed by bold colours, textures, and messages. This is an ironic reflection on everyday life in Lithuania, while the main symbol is the hare – the epitome of fear.

Traditional Lithuanian kapos are combined with denim, tricot, flax, and handmade embroideries.

The collection was presented at the 2008 Fashion Infection as a staged demonstration, during which the models held banners with provocative slogans. The collection featured coats, trousers, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, waistcoats, and bags. The models had skittish colourful gloves woven into their hair.

Creative team
Ieva Ševiakovaitė – fashion designer
Jolanta Rimkutė – fashion designer
Laura Klimaitė – graphic designer