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Baltic Fashion Award 2012

„Studija LT“  baltic and lithuanian tradition revealing aesthetics were well appreciated abroad- in the 11th „Baltic Fashion Award“ finals „Studija LT“  collection „Baltai“ took the second place. International awards traditionally  were held in Usedom (Germany).  The commission of practitioner professionals and academicians were judging the fashion design creators from the countries located around the Baltic sea.

„I believe that competent jury of the awards were judging following such criteria as functionality, originality and the search of new philosophy of design“,-  says Jolanta Rimkute, one of the founders of „Studija LT“ giving a comment on the success of „Baltai“ collection in the international awards. According to the designer for the team it was very importaint and interesting how the international public and fashion professionals will perceive the lithuanian aesthetics and fashion philosophy. To the team‘s delight the „Baltai“ collection was well appreciated not only by jury but also by the organizers of „Baltic Fashion Awards“, other participants and the audience.

The second place in the „Baltic Fashion Award“ is the first attempt for J. Rimkutė and I. Ševiakovaitė to participate in  an international competitions after a long break. As „Studija LT“ founders emphasize themselves- this award is collective rezult of the constantly growing creative team which includes graphic designer Edvardas Kavarskas and young fashion designers Anna Romanova and Dovilė Cibulskaitė.