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Banish darkening clouds 2007

Idea and inspirations
This casual clothing collection pays homage to the sports-suit-and-trainers culture that came to Lithuania with the Independence and remained here ever since. Here, sports suits, overalls and sweatshirts have acquired bright colours and the shine of gold, and have been adorned with stripes reminiscent of Soviet beer bottle labels. The collection’s iconography features baroque-style images of Maria combined with modern and patriotic elements. The collection also uses a line from the national anthem of Lithuania: “May the sun above our land / Banish darkening clouds around”.

Soft fabrics, velour, glittering synthetic fabrics, leather elements.

The collection was presented at the 2007 Fashion Infection. During the presentation, the Lithuanian band InCulto staged a theatrical performance.  Luxury sports suits, sweatshirts, trousers, t-shirts, overalls, skirts, shirts, waistcoats, socks, and shoes were demonstrated.

Creative team
Ieva Ševiakovaitė – fashion designer
Jolanta Rimkutė – fashion designer
Lina Sasnauskaitė – graphic designer
Ramunė Savickaitė – graphic designer