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Clones 2004

Idea and inspirations
We become increasingly uniform in these times of globalisation. We are the victims of our own clichés, parodies of ourselves. These inspirations were also reinforced by the clothing industry projects that the designers were involved with at the time, which prompted them to emphasise the growth and the accompanying increasing conventionality of the industry. For this reason, the garments in this collection were copied like clones. The traditional Lithuanian material, flax, was used in an unusual context: a street- and sportswear clothing line.


A batch of 18 identically dressed models walked the podium of Fashion Infection 2004. The suit chosen for cloning consisted of a skirt, a t-shirt, a coat, stockings, and shoes. The models’ faces were made to look uniform by caps that covered their hair, hoods, and sunglasses.

Creative team
Ieva Ševiakovaitė – fashion designer
Jolanta Rimkutė – fashion designer
Gintaras Stulpinas – graphic designer

Vladas Naudžius