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LT identity 2003

Idea and inspirations
The LT identity line originated in an attempt to illustrate the cultural experience of Lithuania’s citizens, look for new symbols and contemporary identity tokens, creatively interpret these, and shape a positive self-image to be embraced by today’s Lithuanians. We create ourselves here and now, the Lithuanians with a new identity, who effectively reconcile respect for the past with a bold anticipation of the future. This collection is a mix of sports/casual fashion and traditional Lithuanian fabrics. Tokens of cultural identity are identified and visualised with the help of stencil prints.

Flax, tricot.

LT identity debuted at the 2003 Fashion Infection, presenting to the public a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, low-crotch wide pants, skirts, sundresses, and overalls.

Creative team
Ieva Ševiakovaitė – fashion designer
Jolanta Rimkutė – fashion designer
Gintaras Stulpinas – graphic designer