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Obscene 2010

Idea and inspirations
Latin obscenus – vulgar, indecent. In the hands of LT identity’s creative team, the Lithuanian literary flirting heritage – talalinės, erotically charged satirical songs – has acquired playful relevance in a new form. It is modern, subtly provocative, and at the same true to Lithuanian values. It also features a variety of trees and plants that have been traditionally associated with sexuality in Lithuania – oak, rye, rue, and lily.

Natural fabrics – flax, cotton – of bright, spring colours.

The collection of clothing and accessories was presented at the fashion festival Fashion Infection 2010 in Vilnius. In addition, t-shirts, casual bags, laptop bags, lamps, cushions, mirrors, clocks, and other interior elements found their temporary home at the Hotel of Things boutique in Vilnius’ loft quarter.
The Lithuanian band InCulto wore “obscene” sweaters and other LT identity accessories during their Closer than You Think album tour in the winter of 2010.

Creative team
Ieva Ševiakovaitė – fashion designer
Jolanta Rimkutė – fashion designer
Edvardas Kavarskas – graphic designer