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Aplinkos ministerijos atstovø, pasaulinës parodos „EXPO2012“, vyksianèios Pietø Korëjoje, Lietuvos ekspozicijos rengëjø ir paviljono gidø – vertëjø iðvyka á Lietuvos pajûrá.1EXPO + LT-identity 20122EXPO + LT identity 20123EXPO + LT identity 2012

EXPO + LT identity 2012

Lithuania participated in the World Expo 2012, Yeosu, South Korea.

Lithuanian pavillion was awarded the silver medal for creativity in revealing Expo theme „Living oceans and coasts“. The award was given by Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) select committee of eight independent experts.

„Studija  LT“ created uniforms for lithuanian pavillion team wich were both modern and baltic-like.

„Studija LT“ also visited the exposition in Yeosu, South Korea, and presented their both projects: „LT Identity“ and „Baltai“ to the Expo audience which was pleasantly surprised and interested.